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Industrial intelligent manipulator


Industrial manipulator automatic conveying storage rack


Automatic manipulators are specially designed and manufactured according to customer needs, and are widely used in sheet metal, construction and home appliance production industries. The line is mainly composed of frame, suction cup manipulator, transmission and numerical control. The production line has compact structure, beautiful appearance, high production efficiency, and can save a lot of manpower and material resources. It is the first choice of manufacturers. Scope of application: It is especially suitable for the process requirements of flat plates and large batches of plates. All sheet metal parts can be applied well to solve the heavy burden of manual work in traditional crafts. This machine is mainly controlled by a servo motor, which has a very stable and efficient feeding effect on flat plates. And realized the integrated work system of multiple specifications in one. The suction cup feeder fulfills the requirements of applying to common models.

According to equipment working requirements, the basic configuration is as follows:

1 Conveyor: 1 set (speed not less than m/min)

2 Lifting platform: 1 set (load bearing is not less than ton)




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