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Building materials forming equipment for ceiling and wall panels


Ceiling automatic cloth sticking machine (sticking non-woven sound-absorbing paper)


The aluminum ceiling gusset plate applicator is a new type of automatic applicator with automatic feeding, cutting, applicating and squeezing. Replace the traditional manual patching process, improve production efficiency and patch quality, and bring opportunities for corporate management and business. The equipment and other traditional aluminum ceiling production bases have been promoted and used, and have been praised by customers: "This equipment saves labor and has a smooth and good appearance." This applicator uses a servo motor to drive the cloth, with accurate positioning and adjustable parameters; the fiber supply for the cloth is positioned, automatically adjusts the deviation; automatically adds glue, balances the glue level, automatically stirs the glue, automatically circulates the glue; the heating wire cuts the cloth and cuts The cloth effect is smooth; the touch screen operation interface is simple and easy to operate; the automation degree is high, the performance is stable, the patch is smooth and wrinkle-free; the high-function brand sensor is used, the performance is stable and durable.





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