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Building materials forming equipment for ceiling and wall panels


600x600 ceiling punching forming production line


This production line is mainly used for the processing and production of decorative ceilings. It adopts processes such as automatic feeding, primary leveling, servo feeding, punching hook holes and arranging holes, cutting, conveyor belt, secondary leveling of veneer, manipulator feeding, corner cutting, automatic turning and automatic stretching and forming. The first half of the whole machine is fully automatic, which is the first choice of decorative material manufacturers. This equipment can achieve the advantages of high manufacturing precision, fast processing speed, and fewer operators.

This machine adopts servo motor with programmable PLC processor. The PLC part is produced by the original Panasonic factory in Japan, and the feeding servo adopts Delta servo motor and a full set of Schneider electrical components, so that the mechanical control can be operated sensitively, and the feeding accuracy can reach ±0.2mm. It replaces the traditional manual control of product accuracy and avoids product accuracy. Defects that are difficult to control.





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