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Duct air valve production line equipment


Air duct production line 3


The wind pipe production 1I line produced by our company is composed of a feeding rack, a leveling and bead press, a punching tip and punching device, a hydraulic shear, a hydraulic folding machine, and a control system. The control part of the power station adopts full computer control. The control system has a closed loop feedback system, dual encoder positioning, servo drive, and the production accuracy and speed are much better than the inverter drive mode. The maximum feeding speed is 16 meters/min. The length error is ±0.5mm, and the diagonal error is ±0.8mm. This production line is suitable for mixed blanking production of TDF (common plate flange), angle steel flange and "DC (plug-in flange). It is matched with reel bone machine, common plate flange machine, and folding machine, plus corresponding The corner code can produce high-quality self-contained flange-style Fengfen. Our company has strong technical force and can provide complete pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales services and training according to customer requirements.




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