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Duct air valve production line equipment


Duct production 6 lines/7 lines


This machine mainly completes the processing of common plate flange/angle steel flange straight pipe, with a daily production capacity of 2000-3000 square meters. As long as the size of the duct is input, the production line automatically completes uncoiling, leveling, beading, angle of attack, cutting, joint biting, forming of common plate flange/angle steel or C-shaped bone flange, and folding forming. Linear structure, reduce the transfer time of the sheet, high production efficiency, with a processing material saving mode, each roll of material has only one piece of scrap less than 20mm, and the servo nutrient is folded, and the positioning is accurate, especially in the processing "the thickest mouth can be processed galvanized The advantages are obvious when the plate is 1.5mm stainless steel 1.2mm" type pipe.





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